Online Workshops Are The New Walk-in Conference Rooms

Drew Falkman
2 min readAug 5, 2020


The days of impromptu conference room sessions are over (for now)

Gone are the days (for now) of impromptu conference room meetings to “whiteboard” and work out strategic details. Getting alignment, sharing ideas, collaborating with a team — these were all things that we used to grab a conference room for. But with everyone at home during COVID-19, we don’t have that option.

At Modus, we have been remote-first since inception. And we have learned how to do things — especially collaborate — as it is critically important to be on the same page so we are building the right software for our clients. As such, we have developed a diverse palette of workshops. The beauty of workshops (done right) is that everyone has the opportunity to contribute, and we all get together to focus on a single outcome.

Fortunately, there are many places you can find the right workshop to run for your team, situation and desired outcome. I have compiled some good resources to find workshops to run — these can vary from team building to organizational strategy to product strategy and user experience.

Hyper Island ‘s toolbox:

WorkshopBank ‘s catalog of change management activities:

Digital Society School ‘s workshop ideas:

Red Hat’s Open Innovation Labs Practice Library:

SessionLab ‘s Session LIbrary:

Miro ‘s Miroverse of workshop templates:

Atlassian’s Playbook:

Modus is offering free workshops for non-profits to help strategize, find digital solutions, create mission statements and more. If you are interested, please apply here:

Enjoy, and please share in the comments if you know of any others!

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