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  • GM Chung

    GM Chung

    CEO at DeSpread : https://despread.org / Twitter : https://twitter.com/gmchung94 / LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/gmchung

  • Simone Ballard

    Simone Ballard

    Environment. Tech. && Positive Vibes.

  • Project Indigo

    Project Indigo

    The inhabitants of the waste spare little kindness, yet hope remains. Built on Stacks.

  • Bobby Dresser

    Bobby Dresser

    b0bby.co // twitter.com/b0bby

  • Mariah Raisee Ador

    Mariah Raisee Ador

    Community Lead @joinFAUN

  • Brenden Mulligan

    Brenden Mulligan

    Builder. Head of Product for @JoinCommonstock . Helping podcasters with @PodpageHQ . Past: @Google (@LaunchKit acq), @Cluster , @FrontlineFoods .

  • Matt Anderson

    Matt Anderson

    Product management leader in Utah. Derailed academic librarian. Interested in #prodmgmt, #prodmktg, #ux, #mobile, libraries, privacy.

  • Leah Zaidi

    Leah Zaidi

    Leah is an award-winning futurist from Toronto. In addition to working as a foresight strategist, she designs experiences from the future.

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