Ethereum has matured into the Dapp and smart contract platform of choice with its constructs for fungible tokens, NFTs and smart contracts that are the heart of decentralized apps, or Dapps. But high gas prices, confusion and controversy over the years-long move to proof of stake, and security issues have called Ethereum into question. Is Ethereum the platform we all wanted or are there better options available? Many blockchains have tried to complete for better or worse, but none has become a true contender.

Stacks 2.0 (originally Blockstack) has reached a new level of maturity that makes this platform a…

I have been in crypto long enough (since 2011, I know you want to know) to know that there are devotees of every blockchain, DLT, acrylic graph, whatever other decentralization platform you can imagine is out there. And they all say theirs are the best.

But they are not. Because: they lack true decentralization, their currencies fluctuate wildly, they have weird token mechanisms, they aren’t legal to trade or operate freely in many countries (ahem, USA), and more.

But Stacks solves these issues. And not with a single silver bullet, but with a thoughtful and thorough approach they have been…

Stacks and Hiro

Stacks Foundation (formerly Blockstack)has been cleaved into Stacks, the core blockchain governance organization, and Hiro, the developer API provider.

I had the good fortune (or insight?) to invest in their original offering. Here is why they are a good bet:

  1. They have a solid management team of great minds who deeply understand DLT and economics, as well as software development.
  2. Hiro has a suite of developer tools that can be used for authorization and smart contract development — all built around the Bitcoin blockchain.
  3. You can stack your $STX — basically just holding it in a wallet — and earn…

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The Coronavirus pandemic has brought a number of massive changes to our world, and the uncertainty it brought has had a huge effect on virtually every company in every corner of the world. Some companies responded well, and others struggled. In the COVID Pivots & Lessons Learned webinar panel hosted by PMA.LA, I interviewed three product leaders on how they responded to these changes, and how they are weathering the storm. The list of panelists:

  • Randi Eichenbaum, VP of Product at Tradesy
  • Chris Bussard, VP of Product — Pricing and Distribution at Ticketmaster

Originally posted in the Modus Create Blog.

Product management teams are overwhelmed. I can say this authoritatively because Modus has been providing product consulting to clients of all sizes for nearly a decade. The root cause: there is no universal definition of what product management is, and as generalists, product managers end up doing everything.

Knowing this, Modus has created a well-defined practice made up of individuals who are generalists, specialists, and versatilists who understand product. …

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As product managers we are, at our core, facilitators. It is ultimately up to us to get all interested parties to align and collaborate on building the right thing for our business and making sure we understand our users so it’s the right thing for the market. As such, we spend a lot of our time herding cats. Which is to say, we are constantly having meetings to coordinate people with disparate opinions, opposing objectives and competing desires. Having everyone at home during these times can make this a challenge.

We can no longer “grab a…

The days of impromptu conference room sessions are over (for now)

Gone are the days (for now) of impromptu conference room meetings to “whiteboard” and work out strategic details. Getting alignment, sharing ideas, collaborating with a team — these were all things that we used to grab a conference room for. But with everyone at home during COVID-19, we don’t have that option.

At Modus, we have been remote-first since inception. And we have learned how to do things — especially collaborate — as it is critically important to be on the same page so we are building the right software for our clients. As such, we have developed a diverse…

I have been seeking inspiration during this time of pandemic — and have found some from some amazing people that I want to share in a webinar on May 28th.

COVID-19 brings significant and lasting change to the world. And let’s face it: this is hard. The future is uncertain. Scary things are happening all around with the disease and the economy. But change is part of life — and I have found inspiration from these three individuals who will be on a Q & A panel I will moderate to share with you: John Couch, Jenny Snyder Urman and Brant Cooper. This is open to anyone looking for inspiration — come and join us, space is limited so register now.

You can find more information here:

Or register while there is still space available:

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Originally posted on the Modus Create Blog.

Have you had one of these moments? You discover something new, yet vaguely familiar and think to yourself, “is this really a thing?” I have to be honest, this was my first thought when I saw the phrase “Product Ops”. I am, of course, familiar with DevOps. I have a vague notion of Sales Ops and People Ops, but in all honesty those take place outside of the purview of what I do every day. But product? That’s my thing, man!

So I did a little Twitter poll. …

Methods and approaches to digital transformation are becoming solidified, and a couple of studies 1 2released in 2019 highlight the motions that have taken place and show emerging patterns for digital transformation in large organizations. We’ve put together the main takeaways from these overlapping studies, both of which focused on digital transformation and innovation initiatives and processes in larger companies. The general gist is that digital transformation and innovation initiatives are a big priority — but there are still many gaps in the process and hurdles to organization-wide adoption, and in many ways things are very IT-driven. …

Drew Falkman

Director of Product @carpay. #Technologist #Innovation. #ProductManagement #blockchain

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